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  • Dinosaurs, ruins and volcanoes. Volcano
  • Jungle Island offers Paintball AND airsoft, and boasts 4 airsoft only fields. Paintball & Airsoft
  • The wild, wild west... Deadwood
  • Experience Africa Somalia
  • Concrete pipe heaven Concrete Pipes
  • Middle Eastern modern city warfare City
  • Out on the wild Amazon River lies this awesome field Amazon
  • G'day mate! Fancy meeting you 'ere... Outback
  • Volcano
  • Paintball & Airsoft
  • Deadwood
  • Somalia
  • Concrete Pipes
  • City
  • Amazon
  • Outback

We're open EVERY WEEKEND, all year round,  Saturday & Sunday, from 8:00am - 4:00PM!!!

So come out and play!!!


We're open MLK Day, Monday January 19th, 2015: 8am - 4pm

Last year, RED vs BLUE IV, broke our all time record for the biggest game we had ever held... ...what will happen this year? We can only imagine that it will be a massive monster of an event, as this event is ALWAYS the player's favorite event of the year!!

You simply cannot miss RED vs BLUE V!!!!

February 21st, 2015, the factions will meet again once more... ...for centuries this battle has raged on, and nobody can see an end to the action. 5 years on, we still stand true and hold our ground, to once again decide the victors of RED vs BLUE. Southern California, it's time for a rematch!!

Jungle Island Paintball Park

Recreational Paintball Park image

Jungle Island Paintball Park has been one of the leading paintball parks for many years. Our experience shows... making us capable of housing any party or event you can throw at us, with the utmost professionalism.

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Jericho Airsoft

California's finest airsoft operators image

Jungle Island offers 4 exclusive AIRSOFT ONLY fields, presented by Jericho Airsoft, California's finest airsoft operator. As well as some of the greatest fields, and scenario based games airsoft has to offer.

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Little Warriors

JT Splatmaster kids Parties


Jungle Island offers awesome kids parties for the younger generation of future paintballers, from ages 6-12 yrs old, Little Warriors is perfect for a little kids birthday party.

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